Book Club Discussions Questions

Front CoverBook Club Discussion Questions

1. Zach was fighting powerful demons, but he leaned on his faith and his vision for the future to help him overcome his PTSD. What would your suggestions be for him to help further his recovery?

2. Kayla was reluctant to pursue a relationship with Zach, in part because she worried about how it would affect her children; however, her boys encouraged her to love again. What advice would you give to someone in her shoes? Is there a right way or time for a widowed mother to start over?

3. Kayla’s true strength came to light when she learned she had cancer. Though naturally frightened, she was determined to beat the disease. How would you react to the things that Kayla had to face: the diagnosis, the realization that you might leave your family behind, the change in your appearance, the need to rely on others?

4. Ronnie is always the Kelly family’s pillar of strength. She credits her faith with her ability to stay positive. Who, in your family, is the pillar of strength? What is it about that person that makes him or her the person everyone feels they can lean on?

5. Kate and Zach share a strong sibling bond, solidified by their many years growing up in remote parts of the world. Kayla and Aaron share a twin connection. Coming together as couples seemed inevitable. Have you experienced that same kind of closeness with siblings or other members of your families? Was there an event, or series of events, that helped form that bond?

6. Kayla worries that Todd is immature for his age. EJ, on the other hand, shows signs of being quite mature. How does the reader use these traits to form their sibling bond and relationship?

7. The Eastern Shores of Maryland Virginia have seen their share of violence throughout their history, yet there is still the common mentality that “bad things can’t happen here.” In Island of Promise, there was a gradual heightening in the panic that ensued on the island over the kidnappings. Have you ever experienced a gradual, growing terror like the one in the book? How was it handled by the community?

8. Ronnie and Trevor knew from the start that Zach had a violent past, yet they accepted him without question and prayed that he and Kayla would find their way to each other. Has there ever been a time when you saw beyond someone’s past and accepted them into your circle? How did that transform you and that person?

9. At the Veterans Day Breakfast, the speaker used a glass as a metaphor for how he found good things to “fill” his life with passion and purpose. How would you use your story to tell others how they, too, can find their passion and purpose in life?

10. Nick and Megan are the newcomers to the island and, like Zach and Kayla, were welcomed with open arms. But Nick has his faults, and Megan has a past of her own she refuses to face. Zach and Aaron agree that Nick and Megan are just what the other needs, or the last thing the other needs. What do you think? Is there ever an ideal time to think about what the future holds?