Book Discussion Questions

97806929461761. Lank felt obligated to help his cousin, Megan, because she was by his side during one of the most difficult times in his life. How would you have felt if you were in his shoes?

2. Lank was suspicious of Summer very soon after meeting her. Did you ever suspect that Summer might have been involved, or did you believe her story from the start? Why or why not?

3. Lank was willing to give up his entire life back on the East Coast in order to be with Summer. Have you ever given up all or a part of your life for someone you loved? How did that work out?

4. Summer kept a large secret from her family and friends, being raped by her student. She blamed her inability to maintain a relationship on the mental and emotional scars she carried from the rape. Lank believed that it was the guilt of harboring the incident that was the problem. What do you think?

5. Monty was a confused teenager trying to stand up for his people, but he broke the law in order to do so. Did you feel sorry for Monty? For his tribe? Do you believe he was a dangerous criminal or a troubled young man?

6. The plight of the Native Americans is one that has only recently been brought to light in history classes and in the news. How do you feel about the way they were and still are treated in our country?

7. If you were in Summer’s shoes, how would you handle Monty’s case? Would you press charges or try to get help for him? Would you, as Summer did, offer to allow his grandfather to be buried on your property?

8. Megan was a firm believer that all things happen the way God intends them to, and we just have to trust in Him to know what is best. Summer wanted to believe that as well, but she had a hard time accepting it. What are your thoughts about giving your fears, problems, and questions to God and letting Him take the reins?

9. Summer’s necklace was very important to her. It tied her to her grandfather and reminded her of her faith. Do you have anything that you wear or hold onto that does this for you?

10. What was your favorite scene in Summer’s Squall, and why?