Book Discussion Questions

Picture-Me-Front1.  In today’s world, is it truly impossible to leave no footprint?  How many of the methods employed in this novel do you think are feasible in the 21st Century?

2.  Melissa made several mistakes that almost got her killed.  What was her biggest mistake?

3.  Though Melissa evaded her killer for most of the novel, and succeeded in escaping from the government time and again, she believed that her panic attacks showed weakness and lack of composure.   Why was she incorrect?

4.  Do you agree with the way Meg handled the situation when Melissa inquired about her adoption and set things into motion?

5.  If Julie/Melissa had met Eric in one of the other places she hid do you think she would have let the relationship develop or was it as much the community that enabled her to let her guard down?

6.  What would YOU do if you saw a formerly close acquaintance from years past who was wanted in a police investigation?