Holiday Reminders

Is your Thanksgiving turkey thawing?

Have you started your Christmas to-do list?

Have you begun planning your holiday schedule?

I’ve been hard at work getting my to-do list together, planning my decorating, coordinating activities with my family, putting together our Christmas card, and trying to remember everything else I need to tend to.

As we begin the holiday hoopla, it occurs to me that we all need a few reminders to keep us on track this season. Here are the things that will be at the top of my Reminders List. Read more

Forever Home

We arrived at Reagan National close to nine at night. Our dog, Rosie, was at my parents’ house, so we drove to Southern Maryland for the night. After a hearty breakfast of eggs, scrapple (my favorite), and Mom’s homemade coffee cake, we headed home as the sun was climbing into the sky. The night felt short, and a part of me welcomed the two-hour drive because I wasn’t quite ready to face the day, but another part of me just wanted to close my eyes and open them again once we in our driveway–not due to sleepiness but restlessness. We crossed the Chesapeake Bay and drove toward home. The closer we got, the more excited Rosie got, and I knew how she felt.

It’s the same sentiment I’ve heard our youngest express all semester, her first away from home. We all know the quote… Read more

Here Comes the Sun

I woke up this morning in a familiar place but under very different circumstances. We’ve had a vacation home in the Southern Rockies for about fifteen years, and our family has been out here many times. However, this is my first trip out here in the fall. While the house is the same, the landscape and the wildlife are not. Even the sun rises in a slightly different location.CO19sun1.jpg

As I watched the changing of the early morning sky, my feet feeling like ice and my hands trembling a bit in the frosty air, I thought about how much this reminds me of life itself and the changing landscape we all experience as we grow older. Read more

He is there

This past weekend, I attended a retreat at the beautiful St. Vincent the Martyr Catholic Church in Madison, New Jersey. With all the craziness of the past few months, it was a welcome treat to be able to spend twenty-six hours in prayer and reflection and listen to the stories of other women who are at various stages in their prayer lives. It made me realize how blessed I am in so many ways, and it made me realize just what true love is… Read more

Praying for Balance

As you may know, I’ve been traveling quite a bit this fall. Some of it was planned, and some was spontaneous. It was wonderful, but I’m so happy to be home even though coming home can be hard. I absolutely loved sleeping in my bed for the first time last night, curled up with Rosie beside me, and I’m so happy to be getting back into my routine because it’s the routine that always suffers most when I’m not at home. While I try to keep up with emails and voice messages when I’m away, it doesn’t always work. Things slide by or fall to the wayside. My workouts usually come to an abrupt halt, and my sleep cycle is off. The first week I’m home is just like being away–I’m faced with fatigue, a pile of laundry, and twice the work in what seems like half the time. I’m left feeling off-kilter and a bit frazzled. It’s kind of like I’m heading up the wrong tree!

Argentina Side of Falls - 63.jpg

While working out this morning (for the first time in two weeks), my instructor said something that made everything clear… Read more

When I in Awesome Wonder

When I was a little girl, going to Mass with my family or at school, I loved it when we sang the hymn, Sing to the Mountains. It’s little wonder that one of my favorite places to go to as an adult is Colorado. We cherish every minute we are blessed to enjoy in our mountain cabin, but there are many other places I’ve been blessed to see, and each one of them makes me want to proclaim,

Sing to the mountains, sing to the sea.
Raise your voices, lift your hearts.
This is the day the Lord has made.
Let all the earth rejoice.

The past few days, Ken and I have marveled at the beauty of God’s creation in one of the most amazing places on earth… Read more

Quieting the Alarm

The other day, I was in my bedroom, working out to an exercise video. Normally, Rosie goes into Ken’s office with him while I workout. However, this particular morning, Ken was working remotely, and knowing how much Rosie hates being left alone, I let her come in the room with me. It didn’t take long for me to realize I had made a big mistake… Read more

Silence for the Soul

Today, I am at a loss. The house is so quiet. There are no children to send off to school, no fall sporting events to attend, no evening programs to get ready for. It’s just me and Rosie, planning our day without too much excitement.Rosie sleeping.jpg

This past weekend was a bur of activity. We spent the weekend visiting our youngest daughter at college, and my parents were here until yesterday. It was a wonderful, non-stop adventure in a city full of lights and noise and young people reaching for the stars.

Now, it’s just quiet. And I wonder… Read more

The Time is Now

When I was growing up, young people were told to go to college, start a career, get married, have kids, work hard all your life to make money, retire around 60, and then, with whatever time and money you have left, you’re free to create and pursue a bucket list. While this seems like solid advice, I firmly believe that there doesn’t have to be a timeline in which life is lived in a step-by-step, chronological order. Yes, go to college before getting married, and get married before having kids, but after that? Why not try something different, something life-changing, something that will make your world become limitless, your family become richer in the ways that count, and your heart soar to unimaginable heights of happiness?

Enjoy life while you’re young enough to enjoy it. Live your life like it’s part of the journey rather than the preparation for the final leg.
Rooney - mountain quote.jpg
Why not start aiming for your goals right now… Read more

Connecting = Living

“We get so wrapped up in numbers in our society. The most important thing is that we are able to be one-to-one, you and I with each other at the moment. If we can be present to the moment with the person that we happen to be with, that’s what’s important.”
Fred Rogers

This morning, I read an article about the spiraling attendance at professional sporting events. I expected the article to say that the reasons for this were high prices, disappointed fans (yes, I am a Washington Redskins fan), or lack of interest, but I can’t say I was surprised to read that the decline is actually attributed to… Read more