Island of Hope

Island-Of-Hope-Front Cover.jpgHope is that thing that sees through walls, breaks through barriers, and propels dreams into reality.

Despite numerous struggles and tragedies, the Middleton and Kelly families live humble and faith-filled lives on the Atlantic Ocean resort town of Chincoteague Island, Virginia. The tight-knit families represent everything Megan and Nick hope to have – loving parents, welcoming homes, and stable lives. Megan escaped from a broken home in a neighborhood torn by the ravages of gangs and drugs. Nick longs to be part of the loving family he never had. All they’ve ever wanted is within their grasp if they but reach for it. To do so, they must have trust, faith, and hope in themselves, each other, and God; but opening their hearts to love will be harder than they imagined.

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Awards and Praise for the award-winning Book 2, Island of Promise

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

“The second book in Amy Schisler’s Chincoteague Island Series, the Island of Promise does not disappoint. It’s a beautiful story of love, grief, and new beginnings. The characters in this book feel like family to me. The book starts just a few months after Island of Miracles left off. Zach and Kayla love one another, but Zach’s guilt over his career leaves him believing that Kayla wouldn’t be able to love him. Add to that a medical crisis and a killer in the area, and you have a novel that you won’t be able to put down. This book and series has left me longing for more.” —Anne Novey, Goodreads, 2018

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

“I love Amy Schisler’s books! This is the third book of hers that I’ve read. Like the others, this is a story that evoked so many emotions for me. I cried tears of both sadness and joy while reading it. I like a love story like this one that explores the vulnerabilities and fears that some people must overcome before they can open their hearts to others. I also like the Christian values that weave their way throughout Amy’s stories without seeming preachy. I read this book in a day and will definitely read her next one!” —Mitzi Mead, Goodreads, 2018

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

“This is a contemporary romance that is intertwined with mystery as well as family dynamics. There are many threads that are woven together that at times makes the story seem a bit disconnected, however the heightening sense of panic and raw feelings in the plot ultimately keeps the reader engaged. The characters are well developed and have depth, and the story moves along at a good pace. Overall, this book is a winner that fans of mystery and romance will enjoy while elevating anticipation for the third book of the trilogy.” —Joan M. McNamara, Goodreads, 2018

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

“I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment of Amy Schisler’s trip through the beauty of the east coast waters. Coming from a family filled with men in the Coast Guard and Police, both of these stories touched me very close to home. There is suspense that for me included kleenex, yet a tender love story that flows so beautifully from page to page. I committed to reading it from start to finish because I felt it deserved my full attention rather than pick it up and put it down over the course of a week. The descriptions of the places makes me want to explore them personally. I am excited to see what happens in the next installment. I felt like I truly knew the characters and could identify with them in many ways. Nice job Amy!” —Veronica, Goodreads, 2018