Awards and Praise for Island of Miracles

Island of Miracles is the recipient of the 2018 Illumination Bronze Award as one of the best Christian novels 2017.

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Just some of the praise for Island of Miracles

5.0 out of 5 stars

Nothing Short of Beautiful

By Author, Alexa Jacobs on March 16, 2016

Another hit from Schisler! This is the kind of story that makes me long to run away from my perfectly fine life for the sole purpose of stumbling upon something magical. We all have that wonderment of what would happen if we just let go and started over. This character captures the hope and determination of all of us who wonder what it would be like to wander a bit.

The relationships between brother and sister she establishes are very loving and remind me of the bonds that are truly important in life. The portrait of island life is nothing short of beautiful, with friendly faces along the way; I want to book a vacation there myself now.

I hope that she continues the story with the character of Zach, he seems like the sort of guy that has a story to tell.

This a perfect book to enjoy on a brisk fall day, a late evening on the beach, or even snuggled up in your favorite sweater. –Alexa Jacbos, The Dreamer