Settlement Payment For Unauthorized Use of Amy Schisler, Author, Novel(s)

Basic Level – Settlement Fee of 150$ – USD

If you have received a Settlement Demand letter from Amy Schisler, Author, or Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing, it is because you have been identified as allowing the unlawful reproduction of one or more novels represented by Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing for legitimate royal publishing purposes, and we have identified a novel or novels on your website for which we have been unable to locate a valid license.

The purpose of our correspondence is to provide you with an opportunity to locate a previously purchased license, or if no valid license exists, to reach a settlement before taking legal actions to enforce/settle claims for the prior unlicensed use of the image(s) that have been identified on your website, We hope that this matter can be solved amicably by execution of the settlement and payment of a fee to compensate for past unlicensed use.

In consideration for payment of the sum of the settlement, Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing on behalf of itself and its authors, shall expressly release and discharge you from any and all claims for copyright infringement in connection with the use of the novel(s) to date.

In the event you fail to meet with our demands, please be advised that Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing has communicated to you that it will contemplate pursuing all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and attorney’s fees. Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable.


To resolve this matter: Copyright Settlement Fee Price: $500 USD

Settlement Payment for CASE / DOMAIN for infringement of copyright.


After the payment is confirmed, we will send you a detailed invoice for the payment with an email confirmation, and the case will be closed.

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