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Crabbing With Granddad

Three children accompany their grandfather to work one day unaware that their hero is one of a dying breed – a Maryland Waterman. While crabbing with Granddad, the children learn about the Maryland Blue Crab; but ultimately they learn something more important – how to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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The Greatest Gift

 Princess Brianna has spent her life looking at the world from the windows of her room, the highest room in the tallest tower of the castle. Her plan to leave the castle and find a life of her own means that she will have to marry, but Princess Brianna refuses to settle for anyone. She desires not just the perfect love, but the chance to experience life in the real world. With wisdom, courage, knowledge of self, and the help of her cat, Rune, Brianna devises a way to leave the castle on her own terms while obeying her parents and following her dreams.

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