Amy, a former librarian and teacher, has been writing novels, children’s books, and devotionals for over ten years. Amy loves to travel, take pictures, and read constantly.
Amy’s blog, followed by thousands around the world, comes out every Wednesday. Amy writes about about her life, her family, her faith, and what inspires her and her books.

Featured Book

Clothed With Strength and Dignity – Women of the Bible

“For the first time, I felt welcomed by women who have always been there, because Amy made the introductions. As a mother I am grateful to pass the rich legacies of these women on to my daughter. As a daughter of the King, I now appreciate the sisters before me.”

-Liv Harrison, author, speaker, podcaster

Was Rebekah a meddler or a cooperative working with and for God? How was Miriam the first women to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation? Why is Bathsheba a prototype of the Blessed Mother? What can Mary Magdalene teach us about discipleship?

In this first of its kind work, Amy Schisler provides a book with an optional a workbook and video series about women of the Bible created by, with, and for Catholic women. The book highlights twenty-five women and what they can teach us through their lives and examples in a uniquely Catholic way. Beginning with Eve and ending with Mary Magdalene, Schisler takes a deeper look at prominent and not-so-prominent women who shaped the course of Biblical history.

Recent Novels

Seeking Tranquility Cover
The Good Wine by Amy Schisler
Desert Fire, Mountain Rain

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Come Near Before the Lord

Today’s post can be found on the website for WINE, Women in the New Evangelization. I’m so excited to be one of their contributors beginning today! And Moses said to Aaron, “Say to the whole congregation of the people of Israel, ‘Come near before the Lord, for he has heard your murmurings’.” (Exodus 16:9). Today,…

Are You Seeking Sugar, Spice, and Something Nice To Read This Summer?

My newest book, the second in the Chincoteague Sunsets Trilogy, comes out on Saturday! To get you excited about this newest edition in the stories of my Chincoteague characters, Here’s something for you to read, something for you to listen to, and something for you to watch!

A Future of Hope

I can hardly believe I’m writing these words, but today, my baby graduates from college. Morgan was a force from birth. She entered our lives on a chilly April day just before Easter 2001. With a headful of hair and a loud cry, she made her presence known. Never one to back down or bow…


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