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Island of Miracles is available for purchase at all major online ebook and print booksellers as well as in bookstores.  If your local bookstore does not have a copy, ask them to contact Ingram to order copies.

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Whispering Vines has been awarded a 2017 LYRA Award and is being hailed as the best ebook romance of 2016!

Whispering Vines has been awarded a 2017 Illumination Award.  It ranks as one of the best Christian romances of 2016!

Order or download your copy today and read the book that has been hailed “A verbal masterpiece of art.”

For the Love of Research

Before I was a writer, I was a librarian, and before that, I was a researcher.  Every history major is trained to be a researcher, and that was fine with me.  Doing research has always been a favorite pastime of mine.  That’s why I’m so excited when I begin a new book and start diving into the backgrounds and lives of my characters.  In most cases, my writing, though fiction, compells me to do a lot of research, and what fun that is!

I used to kid that, while writing A Place to Call Home, I was probably on the FBI watch list because of the research I had to do into human trafficking and the laws that try to prevent it.  For Picture Me, I delved into how to live off the grid, off-shore bank accounts, and untraceable debit cards.  Certainly the best quest I had was the prep for Whispering Vines.  Not only did I read a lot about World War II and Italy, but I visited some incredible Italian wineries and tasted many different wines.  I toured several Italian cities and learned about the War in Italy, the culture, art and sculpture, grape harvesting, wine production, and wine tasting.  What a great expedition that was!  Then, my research brought me back home to the Eastern Shore.  Island of Miracles takes place on Chincoteague Island, a place with a rich and intriguing history.  I dove into learning about the island, the Coast Guard, Army snipers, heart conditions, and the world’s indigineous peoples.  

I never know, when I begin writing, where my work will take me.  I’m often led down a long and winding road that I never imagined.  I love seeing where my characters and the events of their lives lead me.  I guess I never stopped learning once I graduated from school, and I am often amazed at the knowledge I gain as a fiction writer.  It’s truly a labor of love, and I hope that you get as much satisfaction and enjoyment out of my research as I do.  Thank you for reading my books and for allowing me to indulge in some of the things I love most — reading, writing, researching, and bringing joy to others.


I will be visiting some book clubs in the coming months.  Please let me know if you would like me to come to yours!

I would love to appear at author events, book signings, book clubs, or other venues.  Please contact my publicist, Trissy, at publicist@amyschislerauthor.com to schedule an appearance.

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