Are You Seeking Sugar, Spice, and Something Nice To Read This Summer?

My newest book, the second in the Chincoteague Sunsets Trilogy, comes out on Saturday!

To get you excited about this newest edition in the stories of my Chincoteague characters, Here’s something for you to read, something for you to listen to, and something for you to watch!

You’ve probably heard again and again how important self-care is to our overall well-being.  But the truth is that self-care can take a lot of different forms–for instance, not everyone will feel satisfied from a bubble bath or a pedicure! 

For me, personally, reading a really good book is the ultimate form of self-care.  Reading has been a part of my evening “wind-down” routine for as long as I can remember. 

In this super-fun conversation with Catholic Author Amy Schisler, we talk all things books and the role that quality Catholic fiction can play in the life of a thriving Catholic.