Under the Summer Moon

“Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” – Mark Twain

Athens, Rome, Florence, Paris… Helena plans to see them all. Though she loves her life in the Arkansas Ozarks, her yearning for adventure cannot be contained. Passport in hand, she says goodbye to her family and small hometown and departs for the journey of a lifetime, leaving behind a piece of her heart.

Raised in the big city of Houston, Dr. Joe Blake never thought he’d find happiness in a small town, but Buffalo Springs, and its beguiling librarian, have grabbed a hold of his heart in ways he never expected. Helena’s sudden plans to leave town and see the world remind Joe that he swore off love years ago. Joe’s resolve to avoid love is confirmed when his unstable ex-fiancé shows up in town endangering Joe’s practice, his new life, and everything he holds dear.

When a family tragedy brings Helena home, distrust, fear, and danger abound. Will Joe’s past bring them closer or forever rip asunder the delicate cords that bind them together?

Buffalo Springs Books:

Desert Fire, Mountain Rain


“Woo-hoo!” Helena shouted. “A hole in one!” She beamed at Joe, and he felt his stomach clench. What was it about her that did that to him? 

“You’re killing me,” Joe said with a laugh. “I must be a lot rustier than I thought.”

Helena picked up her ball and headed toward the next hole. “I thought all doctors graduated from medical school with a certification in golf. Isn’t that a requirement for the job?”

Joe set his ball at the next hole and lined up his shot. He pulled back on the club ever so slightly and tapped the ball, sending it around the bend, past the frozen pond and through the legs of the reindeer. It bounced off the back bumper and came to a stop a few inches from the hole. 

“Nice shot.”

“Thanks. To be honest, I’m not much of a golfer. I played football in high school, like all good Texas boys, but I didn’t have time to do athletics of any kind beyond that.”

He watched her place her ball, size up her trajectory, and hit the ball. His gaze followed the ball’s path around the bend, watched as it just skirted past the pond, and blinked in disbelief as it rolled right through the middle of the deer’s legs and into the hole. He shook his head. 

“You’re amazing.” 

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