Desert Fire, Mountain Rain

Andi always heard, You can’t go home again…

Andi Nelson’s dream was to go to the Naval Academy and serve her country. As an intelligence commander with SEAL Team Three, her life is what she always imagined until a lapse in intelligence leads to the death of her team and the man she loves. Plagued with survivor’s guilt, Andi returns to her hometown in the Arkansas Ozarks only to discover that Buffalo Springs is as depressed and broken as she is. 

Wade Montgomery, a mover and shaker in New York City’s world of finance, has closed his heart to the possibility of love. When he returns to Buffalo Springs to care for his ailing mother, Wade accepts the position of mayor and the task of helping the town to die gracefully. Succumbing to the pitfalls of pride, he closes his eyes to the illegal dealings within the town’s government, plunging the town and Wade into a pit of lies and deceit that may destroy them both. 

Will restoring the town provide the purpose Andi needs to continue living? Will Andi’s determination to save the town open Wade’s eyes and his heart?

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Awards and Praise for the Desert Fire, Mountain Rain

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Couldn’t wait to finish it

Andi comes back to her childhood home of Buffalo Springs trying to escape a tragic Navy Seals accident that continues to haunt her. She is trying to figure out what to do with her life after her honorable discharge. Wade has also returned home after living in NYC as a well-respected lawyer to sell the family theater and find a place for his 55-year old mother to live after have developed early onset dementia. He unwittingly becomes appointed mayor of the town which is full of secrets.

Andi finds the town on the verge of dying: unemployed people, empty buildings, and no hope. Andi sees hope and decides she wants to open a business in town. Things start becoming more and more suspicious. Should she trust Wade, or is he involved with the strange happenings around town?

A gripping story that is hard to put down and that you want more of when the book is over. – Anne on Amazon, 2020