The Devil’s Fortune

They say, money can’t buy happiness…

As a child, all Courtney ever wanted was to own Riverview Terrace. As an adult, that was the farthest thing from her mind. Following a near-fatal accident and court-approved windfall, Courtney gains a renewed desire to buy her ancestors’ colonial-era house, complete with rotting beams and a collapsing roof. The legends of pirate treasure, hidden passageways, and long-concealed family secrets intrigue Courtney, but when a vandal thwarts the renovation process, the house is suddenly much more than she believes she can handle. River Terrace may lead Courtney to her destiny, but will the journey be on a road paved with treasure or a dead-end street that leaves her with nothing but regret?


Anne spied the ship from the window above the water pump. Her heart leapt at the sight. Would she finally be free? 

Free from what? A warm home, plentiful food, happy and loving children? Her dear Robert?

Her mind raced as her thoughts collided. This was what she had prayed for, wasn’t it? It had been quite some time since she prayed to return to the sea. Her life at River Terrace was not easy, but it was pleasant. And though he didn’t know it, and probably never would, she was in love with Robert McMillan, with his whole brood. 

She watched as the ship dropped anchor. A rowboat was lowered to the water just as the outside door to the kitchen flew open.

“Anne, pirates,” Evan breathed.

“Aye, I see them. Go fetch your brothers and sister and take them to the cellar.”

“No,” he protested. “I am the man of the house now. You will take them to the cellar. I’ll stay here.”

Anne saw the fear in his eyes even as he straightened his spine and tried to look like the man he was becoming.

“Evan, go fetch the others quickly. We don’t have time to squabble. I might,” she faltered and looked away. “I might know how to reason with them.”

Evan looked at her for a moment before turning to go. He hesitated and looked back. “It’s true then, aye? You were one of them?”

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