Whispering Vines

“Whispering Vines is well styled, fast paced, and engaging – the perfect recipe for an excellent book.” – Judith Reveal, author and editor

When death takes yet another person from Alex O’Donnell, she questions whether or not she will ever find happiness. Upon learning that she has inherited a vineyard in Italy, Alex leaves everything she knows behind to seek her future. She moves from her Baltimore apartment to a villa in Italy where she discovers a life of possibilities beyond her hopes and dreams.   Arriving at the villa, Alex is taken aback by the animosity and scorn of the vineyard’s co-owner, Nicola Giordano.  Resentful of Alex’s sudden appearance, Nicola struggles to maintain his control over his business and his feelings for his new partner. The discovery of a journal from World War II becomes the tie that binds Alex and Nicola as they work to secure their future while putting together the pieces of a puzzle from the past.  Unlock the hidden secrets among the Whispering Vines.

“Schisler’s writing is a verbal masterpiece of art. She weaves together the lives of two women, generations apart, in a beautiful and heartbreaking tale of love and loss. This is a book to get lost in.” Author of Rising Ridge, Alex Jacobs.


  Lunch at Da Mimmo, a favorite of the Baltimore business crowd, was very nice, and Alex enjoyed sharing stories about Signora with Peter, Signora’s attorney.  Bald at the top, but fit and trim, Peter looked darn good for his age, not that Alex knew what that was.  She was never good at guessing ages.  He was charming and kind, and Alex couldn’t help but wonder why all men couldn’t be like him.  Their coffee had just arrived when Peter opened his briefcase and took out a manila folder.

     “I would like to go over the contents of Signora Fonticelli’s will,” Peter said as he opened the folder.

     Alex wasn’t sure how to react.  She picked up her napkin from her lap and wiped her mouth.  “Okay,” she said hesitantly.  “I’m not sure how that affects me.”

     Peter put on a pair of reading glasses, glanced at the file, and then looked over the lenses at Alex.  “I assume Signora never mentioned anything to you about her will.”

     Alex shook her head.  “Nothing.”

     Peter took off his glasses and closed the folder.  “This may come as a shock to you.”  He put down the file and folded his hands on the table.

     Alex held her breath as he leveled his gaze on her.  Everyone else in the restaurant seemed to fade away as she waited for him to go on.

     “Alex, do you know anything about Signora’s estate and holdings?”

     Alex shook her head, unable to speak.

     “Of course, there is the house in Baltimore,” Peter paused, and Alex nodded.   It would be just like Signora to leave Alex her home knowing that Alex was weeks away from graduation and would need to be thinking about her future.  Peter went on, “In addition, there is the vineyard and villa,”

     “Excuse me,” Alex stopped him.  “Vineyard?  Villa?”  Her head began to spin.  She had no idea where this was heading.

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