Seeking Sugar and Spice


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Will twelve chefs bring fame and fortune to Chincoteague Island and its restaurants, or will one jealous competitor bring infamy to them all? 

Holly Peterson, owner of the Sand and Sugar Café, is insecure about her abilities in the kitchen. Lorenzo D’Angelo feels unprepared to open his own restaurant, Speziato, on Chincoteague Island. Just as Holly and Lorenzo begin to have confidence in their eateries and themselves, celebrity chef, Gideon Randall, announces his new cooking reality show will take place on the island. 

Neighbor vs. Neighbor will be a cooking show like no other, pitting all the chefs on the island against each other in a competition for TV’s top prize in cooking—$100,0000 and a year’s worth of nationwide advertising during all Gideon’s shows. As summer gets underway on Chincoteague, things heat up in the kitchen, at the resort where contestants are sequestered, and in the restaurants they’ve left behind. In a recipe that calls for the perfect combination of sugar and spice, sabotage becomes the main ingredient.

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