Island of Miracles

When running away becomes running toward, miracles abound.

Katherine Middleton leads a charmed life in her million dollar Georgetown Brownstone. The daughter of a world-renown anthropologist, she is happily married and employed by the Smithsonian when her world comes crashing down after the discovery of her husband’s secret life. An impulsive decision to hide out on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, in order to re-evaluate her own life, leads Kate to earth-shattering revelations about herself, her family, and her future.

Chincoteague Island, Virginia, introduces Kate to a world where people can still rely on each other, where hard work pays off, and where one’s past does not dictate the future. Island of Miracles is a story about rediscovering oneself, restoring trust, recapturing love, and relying on faith. Island of Miracles is a 2018 winner of an Illumination Award, placing it among the best Christian works of fiction of 2017.

Island of Miracles


    When Kate walked back into the kitchen, everyone was laying out the food and chit-chatting in a friendly and easy manner. Kate quietly looked for something to do to help as she smeared some cheese on a cracker and tried to be inconspicuous while greedily shoving the whole thing into her mouth. She reached for a crab ball and popped it through her teeth on the heels of the cracker.  There was certainly nothing wrong with her appetite.

    “Unless you’re interested in all the island gossip, the conversation isn’t very interesting in here. How about helping me fill the cooler?”

    Kate turned around and recognized the man from the beach and the Boy Scout ceremony. He was grinning at her with the most adorable dimples and a smile that said he was probably up to no good. He motioned with his head toward what Kate assumed was the garage door.

    “Um, sure. I can help,” she said and followed him to the door.

    Once they were on the other side, he held out his hand. “Aaron Kelly.”

    Kate took his hand, “Kate Middleton.”

    “No way,” he said. “Should I bow? Am I allowed to be touching you?” He did a mock curtsey as Kate rolled her eyes.

    “For Heaven’s sake, no. I am far from the princess my name suggests.”

    “More like your brother-in-law, Harry? A little on the wild side?”

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2018 Catholic Press Honorable Mention for Fiction
2018 Illumination Christian Fiction Award