Island of Promise

Promises are like castles made of sand…

Kayla believed Zach was the man to repair her heart and her family. Zach believed Kayla was the woman to repair his soul. But Zach’s secrets are too big, his guilt too heavy, for him to keep his promises. He needs to get out now before he causes Kayla more heartache than the young widow has already endured.

There’s nothing like a crisis to bring two people together, and suddenly, the idyllic island off the Mid-Atlantic coast has those in spades. A serial killer has found his way into paradise, bringing Zach’s former life close to home, and Kayla is facing a health scare that is every woman’s worse nightmare. Will the tragedies they face pull them apart or bring them closer to fulfilling their promises to each other?

Island of Miracles


Zach paced back and forth in the hallway. He could hear the muffled voices coming through the door, but they were speaking in hushed tones such that he couldn’t make out the words.

“What’s going on?” EJ asked, rubbing his eyes and trying to stifle a yawn.

“Everything’s okay, no worries. Go on back to bed” Zach guided EJ back into his room and tucked him into his bed.

“Is Mom okay?” he asked, breaking into another yawn.

“She’s fine. She, uh, fell, but she’s okay. Your grandma is in there making sure she didn’t hurt herself.”

“Okay, Uncle Zach. Goodnight.” The sleepy boy rolled over and, in no time, began to breathe peacefully. Zach backed out of the room and closed the door just as Ronnie opened the door to Kayla’s room and stepped into the hall.

Zach couldn’t read the look on her face. He felt like a teenager being called to the principal’s office. Would she lower the boom on him?

“Let’s talk,” Ronnie said, brushing by him to go to the living room.

Zach hadn’t felt this nervous since his first day at West Point.

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American Fiction Awards 2019 “Best Book” Award for Romance
American Fiction Awards 2019 Finalist for Religious Fiction
2019 – Best Inspirational Fiction
Best Inspirational Novel of 2018
2018 IPPY Gold Medalist

2018 Religious Fiction Finalist
2018 Silver Medalist for Religious Fiction
2018 Finalist Indie Excellence Award