Puppy Love

IMG_3270Do you remember your first concert?  Depending upon how old you are, it may have been many years ago (Elvis?  The Beatles?), or perhaps just this past summer (One Direction? Taylor Swift?).  I remember mine like it was yesterday, and literally YESTERDAY, I got the chance to re-live it!

When I was six years old, my mother took me to my very first concert.  Though it wasn’t my mother’s kind of music, she knew just how much it would mean to me to see the man of my dreams live on stage.  So I donned my purple socks and favorite fan girl t-shirt and went to see a show I have never forgotten.  I don’t remember where it was or whether or not there was an opening act, but I do remember that when Donny sang Puppy Love, I knew, even at that tender age, that he was singing it just for me.

Last night, my girlfriend Laura (who has known me since I was six) went with me to the National Theater in DC to see the Donny and Marie Christmas Show; and yes, I wore my purple socks.  After the brother and sister duo opened with a few Christmas songs, guess what song Donny sang.  Oh, how I was taken back to that first night (especially when they showed the footage from his concert tour those many years ago).  I wanted to stand and scream “I was there!”  Of course, I maintained my dignity and enjoyed the show with the decorum that befits my age.  After all, that was 1976, and I have matured just a little in the years between then and now!  But as I watched Donny sing and dance like he hadn’t aged at all, I found myself thinking those words that all of us little girls screamed together those many years ago, “Help me, help me, help me please!”