Forever Home

We arrived at Reagan National close to nine at night. Our dog, Rosie, was at my parents’ house, so we drove to Southern Maryland for the night. After a hearty breakfast of eggs, scrapple (my favorite), and Mom’s homemade coffee cake, we headed home as the sun was climbing into the sky. The night felt short, and a part of me welcomed the two-hour drive because I wasn’t quite ready to face the day, but another part of me just wanted to close my eyes and open them again once we in our driveway–not due to sleepiness but restlessness. We crossed the Chesapeake Bay and drove toward home. The closer we got, the more excited Rosie got, and I knew how she felt.

It’s the same sentiment I’ve heard our youngest express all semester, her first away from home. We all know the quote… Read more

Casting for Memories

Fly Fishing Fly Fishing1I was listening to my favorite radio show this morning, Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd, and he mentioned that he had gone fishing in Wyoming over the weekend.  For the rest of the ride home, I thought about my favorite fishing memory and how much it meant to me, still means to me.  I grew up spending my summers on the water with my grandfather.  I have many fond memories of jumping off the dock with my cousins, crabbing with Granddad (the subject of my first book), and going fishing.  Often, my father would join us if it wasn’t a weekday or if he and mom had taken off from work and were down at Grandma’s with us for a few days.  Fishing was a past time that we all enjoyed, and I still enjoy it today. Read more