Be the Apple

DSC08230I recently read an article about a particular college in which the author highlighted everything the school was doing wrong and the one thing that it could be doing right.  In a nutshell, the author of the article gave the advice, “Be the Apple of colleges.”  What does this mean?  He went on to explain that Apple became the giant it is by finding something that it could do better than anyone else – that was the iPod.  Taking the MP3 player to a level never before imagined, Apple won over buyers looking for something new, something better, and then held onto those buyers and increased their number exponentially by continuing to improve the iPod.  Those advances led to the iPhone (don’t believe everything you read or hear today – experts are saying that the drop in sales have less to do with Apple and more to do with people’s satisfaction with their existing phones).  The iPhone led to the iPad, and others have been copying those products and trying to outdo them from day one.  Even if you aren’t an Apple fan, you must see the logic in the author’s advice.  Simply said, discover what you do well, and show it to the world. Read more