Buckets Of Dreams

DSC02792Several years ago, a movie starring Jack Nicholson made the phrase “bucket list” a regular part of our vocabulary. Nowadays, I hear people talking all the time about things that are on their bucket list.  I’ve never really had what I called a bucket list, but I’ve always had several life goals that I hope to achieve. Some have a set timeline, and others are just lofty aspirations.

Of course, as a young woman, my goal was to have a career that I enjoyed, a husband who I loved, and happy and healthy children. I was able to achieve all of those things at an early age having met my husband just after graduating from college. Ken and I were blessed to have three beautiful girls by the time I was 31. I worked as a librarian for 15 years, a job that I absolutely loved, and then we were lucky enough to have the stability for me to stay home and begin my next career as a writer. I’ve dreamed of being a published author since I was about eight years old, and now I have two published books and a new novel coming out next month!

But of course, those aren’t exactly bucket list items. My list of life goals is not very long, so I have every reason to believe that I will be able to reach them. Nothing on the list is impossible, and nothing is quite as exciting as bungee jumping over Victoria Falls or climbing Mount Everest. Still, I hope that my list will inspire you to start thinking about your own list. After all, what is life without lofty goals?

Some things I can cross off of my list are shark diving (the most awesome experience ever!), taking my children to Disney World, kayaking off the coast of Australia, seeing Niagara Falls, and visiting Rome and the Vatican. But there are still just a few more things I’d like to achieve in this lifetime.

Fifty by fifty is what I’ve always called my biggest goal. And I’m almost there! Within the next several weeks, we will visit the last two East Coast states, bringing my total to 46. I still need to visit Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii, but I have five more years to get there and high hopes that I will. I’ll keep you posted on that one! I never thought I’d go any father than those 50 states and Canada and Mexico, but now that I’ve had the opportunity to travel, I’ve set a goal of going to all six inhabited continents. I’ve made it to 4, so hopefully Africa and Asia won’t be too far behind.

Most of all, I would like to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life – whether through writing, volunteering, or just by being there when they needed it most. I like to think that perhaps I’ve achieved that already, but it’s a goal I’ll never stop trying to reach.

So today, why not write your own list? It’s never too late to start. Let me know what your life goals are. What’s on your bucket list? Maybe we can all inspire others to reach for the stars.

Amy Schisler is an author of mystery and suspense novels. Her first book, A Place to Call Home is in its second printing and may be purchased in stores, online, and through ibooks. Her previously published children’s book, Crabbing With Granddad may be purchased in stores and on Amazon.

You may follow Amy at http://facebook.com/amyschislerauthor on Twitter @AmySchislerAuth and on her web site http://amyschislerauthor.com