Prescription for Happiness

IMG_1159I have to admit that over the summer, I had many, many moments of envy.  Not all-consuming jealousy or want-to-tear-their-eyes-out rage.  Not even the kind of envy that lingers.  Each instance lasted for just a few seconds, but it was there nonetheless.  These moments came each time I took a few minutes to pause and steal a quick look at Facebook.  No, it wasn’t the traveling, or the shopping, or the amazing photos.  It was even more basic than that – I was envious every time someone posted a picture of themselves by the pool.  Yes, I said the pool.  People had time to lay by the pool.  Some even had time to get IN the pool!  How could they do that?  How did they find the time between laundry, housecleaning, work, driving children around, etc. to even sneak into their room and put on a bathing suit, not to mention make themselves that delicious looking cocktail, and lounge by the pool?  Some of them even had books on their laps or on the table beside them.  That was serious pool time! Read more

Did You Miss It?

total-lunar-eclipseWhere were you between and 6:00 and 6:30 this morning?  I was standing on my sun porch with my husband and two daughters (I’m assuming that my oldest daughter was snug in bed in her dorm room).  We watched as the shadow of the sun traveled across the blood moon leaving just a sliver of light on the right side of the moon’s face.  We stood as long as we could before heading back upstairs to get ready to start our day.

How often do you take a moment to celebrate life with your family?  It’s not always easy!  As my thirteen-year-old groaned and complained that she didn’t want to get up yet, it would have been easier on her, and honestly on me, to let her sleep.  But somehow I knew that the real joy in standing on the chilly porch in our pajamas wasn’t seeing the cosmic phenomenon, it was seeing it together as a family.

Family is a big theme in my writing – losing family, searching for family, and ultimately finding or creating a family (while in the midst of running for their lives, of course).  Our time here is so fleeting.  We are here today and possibly gone tomorrow.  Take the time to do those little things that will make your family life memorable.  Then nobody will never have to ask you, “Did you miss it?”

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What Do You See?

truckUntil I began talking to others about how I come up with my stories, I had no idea that all of my life, I have seen things differently than others.  For example, when you go to an airport, what do you see?  Business people heading to their next meeting or convention?  Families going on vacation?  Couples embarking on their honeymoon?  Or do you just see people waiting for a plane?  Have you ever thought about?  Put down your phones and look around…. What DO you see? Read more