Being Grounded

DSC09341Another revelation at the gym!  While in class this morning, I heard our teacher say the same thing over and over again.  “Your right foot should be grounded…”  “Make sure your left leg is grounded.”  “While in the half-moon, your right arm and right leg must both be grounded.”  I felt pretty good about myself after class today.  I had worked up a sweat, maintained my balance, and literally felt grounded!  Yes, my feet, legs, hands, etc. were firmly pressed to the mat during working poses, but more importantly, I realized that I am grounded in my life.

Looking back, how could I not feel that way?  My parents are phenomenal people who raised me to believe in myself, work hard, strive to do and be my very best, and never give up on my dreams.  They secured a good education for me, helped me find scholarships so that I could attend the college of my choice, and continue to support me in my adulthood as a wife, a mother, and a writer.  My mother reads every chapter that I write before I re-read it myself.  My father edits my work before I send it to my publisher.  They planted the very best roots for me and then allowed me to grow into my own tree and spread my branches.  And when I’ve dropped all of my leaves at various times, or had branches broken off in the storms of life, they have been there to help me reach farther and grow taller.

My husband is my biggest critic but also my strong and loving supporter.  He lets me know when I’m on the wrong track or not thinking clearly, but he always allows me to find my own way back.  I hope that, together, we have grounded our three daughters the way our parents grounded us.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, but I think we have done all right.

Life is hard!  Everyone stumbles and falls; all trees bend in the wildest of storms.  The key is to keep from being uprooted.  We all need something to keep us grounded, whether it’s our families, our friends, our church, or even hobbies.  What is the old saying?  “No man is an island.”  What is an island missing?  Firm ground underneath!

In the novel that I’m working on these days, Courtney is doing a lot of thinking about her roots.  She moves into her late grandparents’ house to make a fresh start in a place where she feels grounded.  Oh sure, she’s going to be frightened out of her mind throughout the book, but she’s spreading her branches in the place where she first developed her roots.  She needs to feel that connection to help her overcome a recent tragedy.  We all need to feel that connection at some point in our lives.  Maybe your day is today.  Do you feel like an island, desolate and segregated from the rest of the world?  I promise you, the roots are there.  Take the time to find them, nurture them, and let them become grounded.  Close your eyes, spread your branches toward the sky, and reach for your dreams.  As my mother has always told me, you will make it some day.