Friended By God

GFMPerhaps I’m the only person watching, but I absolutely love the new television show, God Friended Me. It tells the story of an atheist, Miles, who is friended by God on Facebook. He declines the invitation again and again until he realizes this prankster, as he believes the person to be,  isn’t going to give up. Once Miles reluctantly accepts the request, he begins receiving friend suggestions from ‘God.’ Each new friend is, indeed, a friend in need. Reminiscent of two of our favorite shows, Touched by and Angel and Early Edition, each episode revolves around Miles and his friends trying to help the person God has thrust into their lives. 

Why do I love this show so much? There are several reasons.

First, I love that it’s about helping others, reaching out to those in need, and putting others first. There are way too many shows on television that are about hooking up, shaming good people, belittling parents, and living selfish lives. Isn’t it time we rally around a show that makes us feel good about what we can accomplish when we put others’ needs above our own? And isn’t it even better when we do so because it’s what God wants us to do?

Hebrews 13-16

Second, watching Miles struggle with his belief, or disbelief, in God reflects the same struggle that many, if not most, people go through at some point in their lives. Miles lost his mother when he was eight-years-old. From that point on, he reused to believe in God. But every time Miles helps another person, he sees more evidence that God exists. He is beginning to question his doubts. Hopefully, it takes a long time for Miles to accept there is a God because I’d love to see the show stick around for a while (the good news is that it’s on CBS which seems to like shows which highlight Christian families). But for those who believe, we can take solace in the fact that God is always ready be our friend, no matter how big our doubt or how long our journey to find Him. 

Joshua 1

Third, though Miles is convinced that ‘God’ isn’t really GOD, he has come to believe that his life has meaning, that he is here to serve a higher purpose, and that we are all called to help, and that sometimes you just have to stop questioning and start doing. Miles closes the most recent episode by telling his Podcast audience, “Helping people isn’t a burden; it’s an opportunity.” 

Matthew 25.jpg

Fourth, and this is my favorite reason, I love being reminded that we are ALL being friended by God. He wants to be our friend, our guide, our mentor, our driving force. He wants us to go to Him when we need something. He wants us to follow His lead and help others. He wants to be part of our lives!

Proverbs 18.jpg

In the most recent episode [SPOILER ALERT], Miles complains that helping people is a burden, and he wishes ‘God’ would leave him alone. Presto! He is unfriended, but not before seeing that God sent another friend suggestion. Unable to allow himself to let that person go unaided, Miles spends the show trying to help Rachel, who lost her sister in a car accident. At the end of the show, she tells him that he is the “first person I’ve ever met…who walks the walk.” How awesome would this world be if we all walked the walk! 

Galatians 5

Upon his return to his podcast studio, Miles does what he probably never thought he would do – he goes to Facebook and re-friends God, and immediately, God accepts. How often have we had to do that? How often do we have days, weeks, months, years, when we abandon our friendship with God? The beautiful thing is that God always accepts us back as a friend immediately. There is no time too long and no distance too far, for a new or renewed friendship with God. He is waiting for you. Will you accept?

Jeremiah 2

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