It Takes a Campground

67403821_10220399834011391_7119238649119506432_n.jpgEvery summer, I have the privilege of leading an outstanding group of women and girls in having a week of fun we will never forget. No, it’s not a Bible study or a women’s conference or a writer’s event. I guess you could call it a leadership-building conference, and the qualities we are working on instilling in these young girls are courage, confidence, and character, the three pillars of the Girl Scouts. Aside from writing, I believe this is my calling. While many may say that it’s not important, I can assure them it is, and here’s why…

The luxury accommodations we’re staying in are tents and screened-in Adirondack cabins. The food being served consists of chicken tenders and pigglesticks, and the leisure activities are boating, archery, zip lining, and high ropes climbing. It’s not every woman’s dream of the ideal summer vacation, but to these girls, this is the experience of a lifetime. 

67583737_10220399830731309_1073817471258984448_nFor a large number of the girls, this will be their only outdoor experience all summer. While some will spend their summer with their noses buried in cell phones, others will only see brick walls and concrete outside their bedroom windows. This one week, they can breathe fresh air, swim in a lake, paddle a kayak, soar through the trees on a zip line, and hike in the woods. Their program and activity leaders are teaching them about nature and outer space and tropical islands. More importantly, these fabulous women, teens, and three men are teaching the girls about life. 

Six-year-olds who cry for mom on night one will end up crying because they’re going home on day six. Some will learn to tie their shoes. Others will learn to swim. Many will conquer their fear of heights on the zip line or high ropes course. Some will discover the beauty of an early morning spider web or the joys of a nighttime paddle excursion. Through all of these adventures they will learn…

67895280_2359847554258529_5232599909877678080_nTo share–a cabin or tent, a special adult (even their own mom), a canoe, a camera, or a sewing machine.

To compromise–sleeping on the top or bottom bunk, giving up a paddle board for a kayak so someone else can take a turn, or trying new foods.

To appreciate the world around them–on the lake, in the woods, in the field, and even in the recesses of their cabins.

To navigate life’s difficulties–homesickness, living with a stranger, doing chores, and getting along with someone they may not like. 

67474575_10220385393170379_5346056023666851840_nTo conquer their fears–fear of heights, fear of bugs, fear of being away from home, or fear of the unknown.

To become a leader–by comforting a friend when she’s sad, assisting an adult with a program, running a program (some of the very best programs we’ve done have been led by sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen-year-olds).

They learn that the sunniest day can suddenly become cloudy and plagued with storms. 

They learn that rules are in place to keep them safe.

They look up to the Teen Program Aides and strive to hold that position someday. They are taught by women to doing amazing things like building robots. Our robotics program face-timed a young woman who was attending the National Robotics Championship. How cool! They’re discovering that there is so much more to the world than they can imagine.

67543520_10221409510934059_573482454476652544_nMost of all, they learn that they are special, they are unique, they are capable, they are strong, and they can grow to be lawyers, doctors, nurses, cable news camera operators, occupational therapists, teachers, professors, and even award-winning novelists. The sky has no limits–something they learned with an evening of stargazing. 

We are truly building girls of courage, confidence, and character. If takes a village to raise a child, it takes a campground to raise a generation of leaders.

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